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Blogging Tactics

The Ultimate Guide to Promote Your Blog #Infographic

Most bloggers don’t spend enough time marketing their content. Content creation is fun but marketing can be tedious and that’s why you need a checklist to keep you on track to promote your blog content.

Struggling to get anyone to read your latest blog post (and the one before than and the one before that)?

Is your blog like a ghost town? Here’s why…

Publishing a blog post and sitting around waiting for people to find it is not an effective method to build your blog audience.

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Blogging Tactics

Infographic: How to Promote Your Blog and Make it Viral

It’s common to focus all your energy on writing a blog post, and then completely forget to promote it. Write it and let Google do the rest – right?

The great P.T. Barnum once said:

Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!

That’s right. Absolutely nothing.

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Blogging Tactics

7 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid #Infographic

You work hard writing comprehensive blog posts, optimizing for popular keywords, and promoting your blog on social media. You’ve followed all the expert advice, keeping your posts to the recommended length, posting at the optimum frequency, and repeating the mantra “content is king.” So why aren’t you getting more traffic, comments, likes, and shares? Why does everyone else make it seem so easy to make a living blogging? Check out the infographic below to know what mistakes you are making.

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Blogging Tactics

Create, Market & Measure A Successful Blog [Infographic]

Are you ready to take your blog to the next level? Want to know some advanced techniques to truly understand how successful your blog is? What makes a successful blog? Is it attention-grabbing images or great content or sharing your posts at the perfect time on social media?

For a large portion of you blogging is just about posting an update and sharing it with your followers. That can work, and will bring some of you success, but if you want to truly supercharge your blog you need to take your marketing and strategy measurement a couple of steps further.

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Blogging Tactics Digital Marketing

The Most Popular WordPress Plugins [Infographic]

Ever since launching in 2003, WordPress has become the go-to publishing platform that has been downloaded well over 60 million times. But, what makes everyone from CNN to TechCrunch to TED to the NFL use this extremely popular blogging service? The most obvious answer would be because of how flexible and easy WordPress is to setup.

What makes WordPress so popular, and awesome, is that essentially anyone can use it, which is why some 409 million people view over 14 billion pages each and every month. And while that’s impressive, your WordPress experience can be enhanced through the use of plugins.

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Blogger Outreach Blogging Tactics

Bloggers Outreach Get The Results You Deserve

Have you ever emailed another blogger and struggled to get a response?

Maybe you wanted to pitch a guest post idea or wanted to invite them to take part in an interview.

Whatever the reason, the results are usually the same – silence.

Imagine if you were able to not just get a response, you were able to get a positive response that enabled you to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with that blogger. 

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Blogging Tactics

What Every Blogger Needs To Know To Make Their Site More Effective

When it comes to blogging, your site is the most important facet. Without your site, you don’t have a place to host your blog and to put it out into the world. The site is the difference between success and failure in a lot of respects. So, it is the time that you started treating it like it was the most important thing in your world. The odds are that you already take a professional view of your blog, even if it is an informal posting station or a hobby. But, if you want to take it one step further, you need to take a look at these tips and tricks.

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Blogging Tactics Infographics

How to Increase Blog Traffic using Infographics

People love infographics, right? Well… To be honest, I found myself enjoying infographics than just plain old regular text.

Information graphics or infographics, according to wikipedia, are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.

This is actually the key: present complex information quickly and clearly. Who doesn’t love simple and easy to digest information? Right! Now you are in the same boat as me. We are all busy and like understanding difficult topics in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

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Blogging Tactics

13 Actionable Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

It’s easy to build a blog, but hard to build a successful blog with significant traffic. Creating a blog is very easy but generating and give boost to internet traffic for your blog is not a easy task.

Every blogger knows that web traffic plays an important role in blogging. Your article is incomplete without getting internet visitors to read your contents.

Once you sort out the article/content part, the next step is to start kicking of ways to generate and boost your blog traffic and preferably organic traffic (SEO & SMO) which is the most valuable type of traffic.

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