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Link Building & Earning

Google considers a link to your site a vote of confidence. When you earn links from trustworthy sources, your site is more likely to turn up in the search results for relevant search queries.

Unfortunately, some sites have used this and tried to “trick” the search engines by building links to their site in ways that wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

This is not the way that I think about link building. When I build links, I’m aware of how it can help your SEO, but it’s not the only thing on my mind. I’m also thinking about:

  • How much referral traffic that link can send.
  • How the link will fuel brand impressions.
  • How to turn the traffic from those links into email subscriptions or sales.
  • How relevant the audience is for that link.
  • Whether this link means influential people will take you more seriously afterward.
  • Most importantly, I think about whether this link would make sense if the search engines ignored it.

All of these qualifications ensure that:

  • The links don’t violate Google’s guidelines and put you at risk.
  • The links will serve a purpose even if Google ignores them.

Want to attract authority links to your site?

Are you looking for powerful link juice that can boost search engine rankings, increase brand footprint and enhance reputation?

Do you want to work with a link building expert who focuses on earning links rather than building them?

I use a wide variety of methods to build links:

  • Editorially accepted guest posts on relevant, multi-author blogs and magazines.
  • Direct, personal outreach, where I contact people, give them context, and ask if they would like to take a look at a resource on your site.
  • Press releases about stories that mainstream publications would actually be interested in picking up and discussing.
  • Links from fervent internet discussions like the ones that take place on topical social networks, forums, and blog comment sections. While many of these links are ignored by the search engines, they can be a valuable source of referral traffic, as long as they actually add to the discussion.
  • I invest time in valuable resources that will naturally accumulate links if enough people see them, and I promote them to ensure that enough people do.

My focus is link earning, rather than link building.

If you want only the most trusted and high value inbound links pointing to your site.

Why Hire Me?Hire-SEO-Vancouver

  • A deep understanding of digital marketing strategies that deliver the highest ROI for clients.
  • Veteran digital marketer with plenty of challenging projects under the belt.
  • An excellent track record of recovering websites from Google penalties.
  • Proven, value for money methodologies that deliver the best results.
  • A ‘must follow’ SEO expert according to Search Engine Watch.
  • One of the top content marketing influencers according to Onalytica.

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